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When doing a chargeback issue to Sasha's Vanity, the company will seek criminal actions with a FINE in addition to travel fees to the court house. The FINE will be $1,000, it DOESN'T include travel fee and lawyers fee. Placing the order, you agree to the terms and conditions. The contract will be between you and Sasha's Vanity, not your financial banks. We are not responsible for FRAUD matters. Please do not do a chargeback action, we will pursue actions and reach out to major credit agencies to report the matter. Ordering from Sasha's Vanity means you accept all the items being purchased sales will be FINAL

How do I cancel my order?

Once placing the order with Sasha's Vanity, you are committing to your purchase and will be NO REFUND, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Return Policies


Please make sure address is entered correctly at the time of your purchase. Contact our customer service within the 24 hours after purchase to change shipping address. We will NOT be responsible for packages being shipped to incorrect address. Shipment will not be refundable.

What Happens if I entered the wrong address?

Why isn't my tracking number not working or updating?

If you just received the tracking number within the last 2 days, it can take up to 48 hours for the tracking number to show the first updates. Please allow at least  48 hours to pass after receiving the tracking before trying to track your purchase.

If my package was stolen from the address it shipped to, what can I do?

If your package is stolen, contact your nearest post office for additional assistance. Sasha's Vanity is NOT responsible for STOLEN or LOST packages.

How does your shipping work?

Orders can take 2 - 3 business days to process and can also take up to 5 - 7 business day to reach to you depending on location.

International shipping takes 7- 18 business days. 

What happens if i order the wrong product?

Please double check your cart before proceeding to payment. We are NOT responsible for wrong orders.

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